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About Lindsay :

Before establishing his own creative studios in his early twenties. Lindsay had already forged a sound reputation in advertising photography. From his own studios in Scotland, he created imagery for many National and International campaigns. After twenty-five successful years he gave up his studio and concentrated on pursuing his personal work, to fulfill his life long passion for Black and White Landscape Photography. That pursuit soon led to his work being acknowledged by the George Eastman House, the world’s pre-eminent museum of photography based in Rochester, New York - including a collection of his landscape work being auctioned at Sotheby's New York.

Becoming Internationally recognized, subsequently led to the opportunity where Lindsay was entrusted by the Eastman House to bring their $3 million Ansel Adams collection to the UK, and stage a joint exhibition alongside this iconic photographer. That honour, being the pinnacle of his career and which cemented his reputation as a highly respected fine art photographer.

However, upon his resent return from a major landscape photography assignment around the West Coast of America, where he captured images that he considers some of his finest. He started preparing himself to commence work on a project conceived some years earlier that would take him back into the studio.

Lindsay firmly believes that artists must continually challenge themselves. It is part of the creative process, to identify, develop ideas and subjects which inspire and communicate. To fulfill that belief he embarked on his challenge, which was studio photography of the horse. Creating images of horses unlike anything ever seen before, and on a grand scale.

Lindsay with 'Picasso' at the Royal Scottish Academy

Many people though, are not necessarily aware of his previous experience and extensive studio skills. However, the challenge to combine these talents, with that of his fine art reputation was the inspiration that created the concept. The subject may seem a significant diversion from Landscape Photography, but Lindsay has always thrived on the diversity of subject matter, that his photographic skills encompass. This project is seen as an addition to his portfolio as opposed to a diversion.

The resulting ‘Equine Series’ is the culmination of a year’s work. The scale of the project at first was daunting. The preparation involved, calculating the technical requirements in constructing a mobile studio facility and working with the stables. The numerous health and safety considerations, and working with powerful models which have their own uniquely dominating personality and attitude, was another significant demand upon the project.
However, on seeing the first test image Lindsay was delighted. What he set out to accomplish matched exactly what he had envisioned, a confirming testament to his boldness and experience, for taking on such a challenging subject.

Lindsay is now accepting personal commissions to create unique photographic artworks of horses. Substantial interest has been shown from horse owners, syndicates and breeders from around the world, with a waiting list for commissions now open.

About the Photographs :

Each image is an original photograph captured within the custom made mobile studio. The studio facility is constructed to be fully portable to enable setting up in large covered areas or equestrian centres. The health, wellbeing and safety considerations of the horse is of paramount importance during every photographic session. As the images illustrate, the horses are relaxed and are given all the time they need to adapt to the surroundings. Good handling along with great patience is required to capture the essence of each animal in a photograph.

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